Chris gives voice to The Swiss Explorer

As part of his project to live his unlived life, Music & Luggage's Chris Ensor has been trying out all kinds of new experiences and developing hobbies he'd not spent much time on. One of those paths less traveled in Chris's life was doing voiceover work. Look at what he's done now!  It's Swiss Airlines' most popular YouTube campaign to date, launched Read more [...]

M&L’s Chris Ensor launches his first solo album

You may have read about Chris's first experience with improvisation in his blog post, Improvising Life. Now he's captured this approach in his first solo album entitled Notebook. He says:   I’ve created many hours of music over the years and never recorded it. So I decided to change all that. That’s how this album came about. The tracks Read more [...]
Room to Read

Dreams Come True! M&L plays Dolder Grand for Room to Read

Talk about great music (if we may say so ourselves) and dreams come true! We've been working hard for weeks to get ready to kick-off the 3rd Annual Zürich Chapter Room to Read Gala at the Dolder Grand Ballroom this Saturday night, November 9. If you're not familiar with John Wood and Room to Read, we cannot recommend the organization highly enough. Read more [...]

Improvising Life

I love to improvise on the piano. To play by feel, however I want. No rules, just make it up as I go along. It's the ultimate in musical self-expression. Yet the first time I was asked to improvise by our school jazz band leader, I was amazed. I didn't see how it could be done. Up until then I'd been a diligent music student, learning all the rules, Read more [...]

How to Make Magic Happen

At the very last minute, we planned an informal meet-up at the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. Actually the fantastic concierge, Josie, at our new favorite hotel, The Nines, found a venue for us: the Portland Piano Company. This took something. I asked soooo many people to help us find someplace to play. This afternoon we made our way Read more [...]

North American debut!

Music & Luggage made an informal stop at The Black Dog in Snoqualmie, WA just outside Seattle. No sound check, great crowd, here's a bit of what came out. This was so easy and SO MUCH FUN. It confirms for us we're on to something. We hope you enjoy. The attire is more informal than our Zurich gigs, but we were by far the most fancy folks in the Read more [...]

Even The Stars Have Unlived Lives.

Hugh Laurie is best known to his millions of fans as the lead in the hit television show House. Until recently fewer people realised he is also an extremely accomplished musician. We sometimes glimpsed this side of him when House played guitar or piano on the show. In fact throughout Hugh's career there have been moments when his musical ability Read more [...]

How A Simple Question Can Reconnect You With Your Dreams

For me, Music & Luggage started with a question. And that question wasn’t actually about music at all, it was about change. Like so many people I’d been stuck in a rut for a long time. Travelling to an office every day to sit behind a desk, only to go home, go to bed, then get up the next day and do it all over again. Sound familiar? So Read more [...]

How to live your dreams & keep your day job, too.

Sometimes people ask if they have to abandon their careers or home countries to reclaim their unlived lives. The answer is an unequivocal, "No!" This is not just moonlighting. (I had to work the moon in somewhere because what a great photo.) Today I heard a fantastic example of how to have it all. (We hear these all the time, too, so maybe this Read more [...]

On Bringing Our Whole Selves to Life

In his newly published book, Missing Out: In Praise of the Unlived Life Adam Phillips, Britain’s foremost psychoanalytic writer, claims that instead of feeling we should have a better or different - our unlived - life, we should just live, as gratifyingly as possible, the life we have. (There's no link to the book because we think that's hooey.) “Our Read more [...]