Our Story

Music isn’t how we make our living, it’s how we’re remaking our lives. Struggling musicians are a dime a dozen. We knew that as teenagers and pursued other careers. Still, the dual dreams of playing music and seeing the world chased both of us throughout our thirties and into our forties. Now we’ve crafted lives that make living these dreams possible.

We’re experienced, reliable corporate executives at the ready with professional musical entertainment for your event or venue. We’d love to be your Artists-in-Residence.

Are you planning an event? Do you need ongoing evening entertainment? For nothing more than room & board, you can have high-quality, live music, plus inspiration for your guests. Check out our recordings here.

Music & Luggage is Chris Ensor & Rebecca Self

ChrisAs a young boy in England, Chris would sit at the piano in his parents’ front room hitting as many keys as he could in the shortest possible time. His parents soon organized lessons in the hope that the noise would become something a little more musical. In time that’s exactly what happened, since then the piano has been a constant in Chris’s life. He plays solo, in bands, at weddings, restaurants, concerts – the styles and venues are varied, but the love of music never wanes. A career in finance has meant that more recently writing and playing have mainly been confined to his apartment. Performing with Rebecca has given him the opportunity to once again share his music with a wider audience.


RebeccaFrom the Asolo Opera Company, to the 1984 World’s Fair, and over 120 gigs with big bands in the 1987- 1988 school year, Rebecca’s Floridian childhood was filled with song. She likely inherited the performance gene from her 97-year-old grandmother, who’d play the organ working up routines with her precocious granddaughter.

Though academia pulled Rebecca from music in her 20s, ask fellow students and they’ll tell you that late at night they’d hear Ella Fitzgerald, Dina Washington and Billie Holiday’s best coming from high up in an apple tree outside the University Communications Department. Rebecca would climb up there on New England evenings and sing the great American songbook for hours. Performing with Chris returns Rebecca to her roots, filling life with song once again.


What kinds of gigs do we play?

We’ve done weddings in castles, private parties, charity galas and large community concerts. We’ve performed at theme parks, balls and corporate events. Our goals are to continue those kinds of individual engagements, become Artists in Residence in boutique hotels, and most importantly, to create a partnership with a large hotel chain, providing evening entertainment for, as we say, a song. We’re looking for long-term partners. Could you help make these dreams come true?