How to Make Magic Happen

At the very last minute, we planned an informal meet-up at the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. Actually the fantastic concierge, Josie, at our new favorite hotel, The Nines, found a venue for us: the Portland Piano Company. This took something. I asked soooo many people to help us find someplace to play.

This afternoon we made our way there to check the place out. They were kind enough to say we could play any time we liked. Chris was so excited, because they’re Steinway dealers and until today those were his favorite pianos.

His eyes lit up as we entered the building. His step grew quicker and he started talking much faster than he usually does.

A very nice older gentleman, Terry, came to greet us. He was expecting us. Chris said something like, “So many great pianos…” and Terry says, “How about a concert grand Fazioli?”  Chris stammered ever so slightly and said, “Really?!”

This piano is worth $250,000. Only 110 or so are made per year. Here’s what happened when Chris sat down. It was a joy to watch.

Sometimes I make other people uncomfortable with how much I push, ask or request. This is why I do it. Sometimes magic happens.

Portland Piano Company 5 July 2013 from Music & Luggage on Vimeo.

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